Growtopian - Discord BOT

Looking for a Growtopia themed bot? That's the one you're looking for.

Growtopian - Features

Note that they are not all of them but just a few!

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Growtopia Server Status

View server status without needing to login Growtopia.

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Find Item Infos

Check detailed item informations from wikia quickly with /find command.

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Check Item Prices

Check item prices provided by

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Render Worlds

Render worlds using /render command!

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Download Item Sprites

Download transparent item sprites with 128x128 size with single command.

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Check XP

Check the amount of XP required to reach a level.

Growtopian Commands

Growtopia Commands List:

- Check Growtopia Server Status, Time & WOTD

/info {item name}
- Search item recipes or infos through Growtopia Wikia

/price {item name}
- Check price of an item from

/xp {Current Level} {Target Level}
- Find XP Required to level up

/image {item name}
- View Item sprite in 128x128 size

/render {world name}
- Showing specified world render

- View World Of The Day render

Game Commands List:

- You will receive random amount of gems or not

- View Store

- Take a quiz and win some gems

- Claim your reward every 12 hours

/profile {optional: username}
- View your inventory

- Work at BFG and earn some gems

/petbattle {player name}
- Pet battle against a member, should have at least 200 gems

- View Leaderboard

- View list of items you own

/give {username} {amount of gems}
- Give gems from your balance